A woman (greenplastic875 - Flickr)

I, like many of other males am aware of girls. And after just six years of primary education, a some other guys in the eighth grade picked up on my knowledge of ladies.

We talked about boobs, and how although we as men are massive fans, we also have great respect for a girl’s butt too and if a girl is pretty that is also nice. Also we talked about whether Helen Thompson ever stuck her flute in her pussie. Also we talked about what a pussie feels like and some one said a rubber glove full of rice pudding,

After having seen and talked to several girls over the last few years I know that some lasses can do some things as well as a man and in fact sone things they can do better, for example, listening and being polite. Most times women also have a natural ability to clean well. For research you can go to any school canteen and watch the lady’s there doing a bang up job. They manage to cleverly command dozens of young children, probably a result of a mothering instict lot’s of women have unless they are barren which is all to common these days I’m sorry to say. And getting worse.

That said not every woman works at the canteen. Some are more like an elfin goddess, or have futuristic pigtails and some are whores, thats what I’ve learned. I will never get married again, thats for sure.