[kicks can] ah, beans. whats the use. [wretched can ignores my condition]

hella hot looks: shirt full of jelly, segmented shell like beetle wings, poncho made of laptops, snake pants, moss smoking jacket & slippies

i made my first million buying up 20c cups of lemonade from child-run stands and flipping them

wait till after the credits at the end of the fault in our stars to see nick fury recruit the cancer kid for avengers 2

well its official. the math council just changed the name of pentagons to “weird shaped houses”. time for new textbooks.

as someone who can’t help using contracted forms, let me just say: it’s what it’s

when are the mythbusters gonna do a show about shooting an albatross while aboard a ship

[RATM killing in the name voice] gender is a construct

i would describe my interior design style as first little pig meets second little pig