babies’ skulls are soft and malleable at birth in case you want to give baby a sick body mod like horns, skull mohawk, stussy logo

this friday the 13th night i will be stalking the streets telling ghouls and goblins to “go screw”, “buzz off”, “shush the heck up”, “come off it” and other bad cusses

i’m leaving some weights in the cave for in case the bats want to get shredded

how dare you convene in this manner. you dumb silver moon. you idiot shimmering ocean. going behind my back, like this.

no god but gaben i mumble, clutching computer and running head first into my personal platform 9 and 3/4 (warm bubble bath)

don’t make the same mistake i did, kid. don’t assume lupus gives you werewolf powers

i’m an assassin sent by president obama to murder the devil in hell with my unbelievably sick gun

what’s schroeder playing on that piano?? just the notes G, E, N, D, E and R over and over! N and R aren’t notes! but don’t tell him!

step 1 pound some big jars of expired vaccines to get autistic as fast as possible. step 2 make some sick drum n bass beats. step 3 profit