are you going to name me some herbs / parsley sage rosemary and thyme

it’s a very bad time for ukraine and those of us psychologically trained to salivate when we hear the word “ukraine”

fuck this generation and socio-economic class. wish i was alive in the 60s and rich and white

the street fighter game depicts a world where violence is conducted between consenting adults who express themselves through color & form. good to think a bout. well, anyway, bye

cool new dlc modpack for cats adds zombie mode & new skins for added pet genderfuck potential

ukraine making rookie defense mistakes in crimea rn. wall then tesla coils w/ plenty of access for engineers. its like they’ve never played red alert before

fuck responsibility, and moths. i follow back other teen moth haters

gentlemen, my plan is this: we start a word document and keep writing words in it until the computer breaks, or we do

the only remaining authentic artistic expression is in movies when the guy breaks down a gun to components as a display of masculinity. bye