oh, i see what happened here. when you said help the beached whale you meant help it get back in the water, not further up on the beach

you hear about these nudes that leaked? whose idea was it to store juice in priceless botticellis, is my question. catch you later.

[infiltrates biker gang] i hear picnics and outdoor games are illegal now. who wants to meet at the park this afternoon & break the law

you try to look out the window, but there’s something in the way. the thing is your perspective. you’re not facing the window

lets get this emoticon happening everyone. :-ƕ unimpressed snake tongue guy. can be unimpressed about anything doesnt have to be just snake stuff.

what’s the most ideological animal. i say foxes. used be a big fan but leave the politics out of it thanks.

to the haters who say every line in every one of my raps rhymes “frying pan” with “crying man”: i guess so

your honor, i nominate the real murderer for the ice bucket challenge!! [a guy stands up] haha nice