uh actually “street artist who enjoys consumer culture & is respectful of brands” is kind of my gimmick, bro. step off, bro.

[motions for you to lean in close] it’s like binoculars, but for your tongue. so you can lick things from far away

lot of people think a reverse sandwich is putting a piece of bread inside two hams but actually its when a pig eats you & leaves your bones in a wheat field

fucking typical that the kind of woman who drops her pen on the train is also the kind thats insanely rude when i pick it up for her with my dextrous toe shoes

just enjoying a delicious mug of mud dirt and shale oil tea. no toxins for me just nature’s own. thanks

as an artist, i feel there haven’t been enough positive depictions of spaghetti in art. that’s why i only paint pictures of spaghetti.

cops SEEM tough but they all have the same attack moves (gun, nightstick) & type (Fighting) so can be easily defeated with the right combination of pokemon